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Hear the stories and reviews from some of my clients, readers and customers who have come from all backgrounds, from all over the world!...And Learn how you can make your relationship and marriage LAST using my secret strategies and formulas!

WARNINGS! These are completely uncensored and unedited. You may not like the grammar! But hey! They come from real people like You and Me!


"Was TOTALLY Blown Away!!. . ."

"I ordered your book Bring Back the Love of Your Life, and I
was totally blown away!! You hit the nail on the head in
...I would highly recommend this book to anyone!!!
You have been there and done all of what I have been going
through. Thank you soo much for your book!!
- T.M.


"The Magnetism Is Starting To Work!"

"Thank you! Things are starting to make sense. We all
believe our situations are unique and unbreakable but the e-
books and your manuals help tell me to enrich myself and complete myself
. I am stronger now, luckily I got a new job and
things are better for, ME, and soon I will have paid my
bills and buy my new highrise condo or Loft in the big
city. The magnetism is starting to work! I met a great
tall hot looking girl that I could date if I want
.... So
who knows...
- V.D.


". . . It Was No Accident I Came
Across You On The Net!"

"Your book is very beautiful and I will try to persevere
with it because I feel in my heart that it was no accident
that I came across it on the net!
Thank you,
- M. B.


". . . Your Book Is A Door Out of Despair. IT IS!!!"

"Dear Cucan, you have probably received email like this
saying your book is a door out of despair. It is!..."
- S.S.



"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. . . !!!"

"Cucan, Just a note to say thank you so very much for your
. I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first and
almost didn't order it
. But I was so desperate and in so
much pain that I thought that if I could just learn one
thing to help me feel better that it would be worth it. Not
only did I feel better, but I learned alot, about myself and
why things were the way they were in my life. The well
meaning advice from friends and relatives did not help me at
all. The comments about my ex-boyfriend being a "jerk,
asshole, loser, etc." did nothing to ease the pains in my
heart.. Thank you, thank you, thank you... your book is a
blessing and a shining light in the pain of darkness.
- D.P."

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Storyline: Then wise Penelope answered her: 'Dear nurse, the gods have made thee distraught, the gods that can make foolish even the wisdom of the wise, and that stablish the simple in understanding. They it is that have marred thy reason, though heretofore thou hadst a prudent heart. Why dost thou mock me, who have a spirit full of sorrow, to speak these wild words, and rousest me out of sweet slumber, that had bound me and overshadowed mine eyelids ? Never yet have I slept so sound since the day that Odysseus went forth to see that evil Ilios, never to be named. Go to now, get thee down and back to the women's cham- ber, for if any other of the maids of my house had come and brought me such tidings, and wakened me from sleep, straightway would I have sent her back woefully to