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On this web page fellow Italian learners share with you their experiences of Rocket Italian. I am sure that you will enjoy reading how Rocket Italian has helped so many people learn to speak Italian! Will you be next?


Success Story: Dave Norris


"My wife is hooked on Rocket Italian, ok, she comes home every day and she goes through the lessons.  And it’s a great product, great value. "

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DaveWe’ve done a lot of research and I was looking for an opportunity to learn a little bit of Italian because we are going to be going to Italy next year, and I’ve looked at all the very high priced ones, all the way down to the very low cost tutorials on how to just speak the basic, not necessarily completely speak it fluently, but to understand it to the point where we can get around Italy, and understand certain words



and certain phrases and things like that and be able to go into a coffee shop or, go into a market and be able to find the restroom or understand certain portions of the language.


We did some research and we started using the free version of the Rocket Italian or I should say the introduction to Rocket Italian and we at first took a couple of weeks to say “well is this what we want?”  We also went to a local bookstore and purchased a lesson in Italian that was a very inexpensive lesson, it was $25 or something like that.  And you get what you pay for, and it was just one of these things where it ran through all the language and the words and things like that, and really didn’t have any kind of flow to it.  So we really couldn’t memorize all that data.  So we feel that the Rocket Italian program and course is something you can learn, something you can easily remember and catch on because of the way you are distributing the course, by way of Internet, by way of email, by way of the lessons and your hosts are incredible.  My wife is hooked on Rocket Italian, ok, she comes home every day and she goes through the lessons.  And it’s a great product, great value.  Thank you very much.

Dave Norris CA,
United States


Success Story: Michael Alexander


"I [bought my friend] your course... and she is absolutely thrilled with it..."

Mike"[She has become] quite comfortable with the language in an amazingly short amount of time.


By all accounts, your product is an excellent one, meeting and exceeding all of her expectations, a rare thing these days, to be sure."


Michael Alexander
Payton, Arizona U.S.A.



The critics just LOVE Rocket Italian


Here's what they have to say...


If you want to be speaking fluent Mandarin Italian just months from now then Rocket Mandarin Italian is for you. Scientifically perfected to teach you Mandarin Italian in the shortest time possible Rocket Mandarin Italian is responsible for creating more new Mandarin Italian speakers than any other program in this review


If you are the kind of learner that likes audio lessons and textual grammar guides, the Rocket Italian program is a good choice for you. The vocabulary software does a good job of supplementing and reinforcing what you learn in the audio lessons.


The creators of Rocket Italian are not joking when they say their course will help you "learn Italian like a ROCKET!"

Rocket Italian covers a lot of material, enough to take you from a beginner to a fluent Italian speaker. The course is very comprehensive, but at the same time flexible enough to allow you to learn Italian in whatever manner you prefer.


It is an excellent program, it is very simple it's very quick you can listen on your way to work, you can listen to it on your lunch hour, they are excellent, excellently constructed and they really give you a working knowledge of the language and I would highly recommend them to anyone else who is going on a trip... or just wants to be able communicate a little bit better.


If you are just about to start learning Italian, I guarantee there is nothing better than this! If you have already know something then you can improve on your accent, Vocabulary plus their grammar lessons are too good. It will help you master Italian.


All of these components are very high quality. We didn't feel like anything was missing from the package, and the games can be addictively fun to use. Many people have reported that the games in particular were a great way to absorb new information quickly, and in an enjoyable way.


If you want to be speaking fluent Italian just months from now then Rocket Italian is for you. Scientifically perfected to teach you Italian in the shortest time possible Rocket Italian is responsible for creating more new Italian speakers than any other program in this review.

Rocket Italian was unquestionably the most fun of all the Italian software courses in this review. Alex Marino, the host and narrator of Rocket Italian, has a quirky sense of humor and keeps the interactive audio lessons light and humorous. The genuine entertainment value of the program kept me focused, engaged and really made it easy for me to learn the material.


I had tried several Italian learning software and found Rocket Italian as one of the best one out there. Not only is it easy to learn with Rocket Italian but it’s also one of the inexpensive choices.


It's got so many great features to it that I'm not sure I'd be able to list them all on one page.  But since I know you're really motivated to learn Italian online, you will appreciate what I'm about to say: You can be speaking basic Italian in as little as 6 days with Rocket Italian!


A surprisingly good Italian language audio course at an excellent price.
Concentrates on conversations in Italian with the listener repeating the sentences as they are broken down into parts. The accompanying games are excellent and should be considered in their own right. Pricewise, possibly the best value Italian language course available.


Rocket Italian will be my best choice for learning the Italian language as it is a very complete package. The Rocket Italian package includes interactive audio courses for you to learn precise pronunciation and to speak fluently and confidently. There is also fun and interesting software learning games to make learning your Italian vocabulary easier.


I think the Rocket Italian course represents good value. You get an Audio and ebook course and 3 software games. The forum and follow up newsletter are good if you need a bit of support and to stay motivated. Although it is not easy learning a new language, Rocket Italian can certainly make the task easier provided you use it consistently and put the effort in to learn Italian.



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I would like to thank you personally for the 6 Day Course. I must say that it was really a learning experience for me and I have certainly learnt a lot. You have made learning a lot more easier for me. I would take this experience everywhere I go...
- Kumarie Badal, (Trinidad and Tobago)

I am having a great time with your course! Thank you so much for designing a program that forces one to think... and not just try to memorize words and or phrases. I especially like how you have brought out lessons in grammar in a way that is usable immediately and not overwhelming.
- Valerie Menconi, (U.S.A)

P.S. Remember, If YOU Want to See Your Italian Speaking Ability Blast Off and Speak Confidently and Naturally in Less than 8 Weeks, then Rocket Italian is For YOU!




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