What if Eating Less Isn't the Answer?

What if You Could Lose 10% of Your Unwanted
Body Fat in 30 Days, 15% in 60 Days?

What if You Could Eat More to Lose More?
I??ll show you below exactly why you have been eating the wrong types of foods and following the wrong nutrition plan. The methods you've been using will never work to get you the body you truly deserve. With just a few simple changes you will start to lose your stubborn unwanted fat ONCE AND FOR ALL!

From Isabel De Los Rios ?V Certified Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist

Dear Friend,
I??m going to give you the REAL facts about how to
lose body fat and keep it off forever?K
First, how have all of these ????diets?? failed you?

Second, let's clear up all of the mistakes, misconceptions, and downright lies you??ve been told by the diet and weight loss industry.
It??s not your fault you have been lied to. Most people have failed in an effort to lose weight because they have been given...
There is so much misinformation out in the world today and you are the one suffering as a result.

????Eat fewer calories and you will lose weight.??
The Truth:
Low calorie diets completely damage your metabolism and never result in long term weight loss. Haven??t you ever heard someone say ????But I barely eat all day and I still can??t lose weight!??. They are completely shutting down their metabolism and getting fatter and fatter each day.

What you may not know is that it??s more important where your calories come from, NOT the actual number. I will show you exactly how to manipulate your calories each day at each meal to enhance your metabolism??s ability to burn fat, WITHOUT being hungry.

????Eat Low-Fat to Lose Fat??
The Truth:
Low Fat foods have made Americans even more overweight and unhealthy than they were before the low fat craze. The truth is the only way to lose fat is by eating fat. Yes, you heard me right. If you are not eating the right kind of fat, your fat loss is literally impossible. The right fat intake will turn your body into a fat-burning furnace (and that is not an exaggeration).

You will soon know exactly which fats to include into each one of your meals to ensure your own, permanent fat burning furnace (these foods are a must!)

????Low Carb diets are the fastest way to lose weight??
The Truth:
Low Carb diets never work long term and they make you feel miserable in the process. You suffer from headaches, muscle aches and horrible constipation. Worst of all, as soon as you put anything that even resembles a carb back into your body, you blow up like a balloon.

Did you know that you don??t need to give up all carbs to lose your unwanted weight? We'll explore exactly which carbs will burn fat off your body while giving you energy and which carbs are preventing you from losing your unwanted weight.

????Supplements and Fat Burners are the only way to lose weight??
The Truth:
You don??t need anything but the right foods and the right plan to achieve your perfect weight. This is the biggest money making scam in the world today: companies selling you worthless supplements and fat burners with false promises.

Without the right nutrition principles and without the right foods, no supplement will have any effect on your body. It will just be a complete waste of money!

Here you will find out exactly how to use the power of natural foods to stimulate your metabolism more than any supplement or ????fat burning pill?? ever can. Best of all, these will finally be long term results.

Before we get to the last Myth...

I know losing weight and being healthy isn't always easy,
that's why I want to help you get started right now
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Day #4: How to combat Dieting Pitfalls the easy way
Day #5: How much Protein is really necessary for maximized weight loss and muscle gain
Day #6: How to stay on your weight loss plan no matter what the situation
Day #7: Exactly what steps to follow to guarantee long term weight loss success

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????Diet foods will help you lose weight??
The Truth:
Most diets foods actually contain ingredients that are making you GAIN weight. That??s right. The diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you about these products in an effort to make more and more money. Sadly, YOU are the one who is paying the price.

You will soon find out the exact ingredients in these foods (and many others) that are causing most people to put on more stubborn fat instead of losing it, without even knowing it!

In order to finally lose weight and completely change the course of your health, you must forget all of the worthless information that is in the media today. If any of these above statements were true, would our planet be so overweight and unhealthy?

You are about to find out little known information that goes against everything you've ever been told. There really is a proven, easy way to live and eat that will eliminate your weight loss and health struggles in just a matter of days. It will destroy your urges for bad foods and binge-eating; plus you will burn belly fat, cellulite, and all of your extra pounds. This revolutionary new nutrition approach unchains you from fatigue, depression and frustration. It will allow you to live your life to the fullest, without any more crazy diet pills, impossible-to-follow starvation diets, or late-night infomercial gimmicks.

Let??s finally overcome your constant struggle with
your body once and for all.

If you are anything like me and 90% of most people who have ever tried to lose weight before, you have followed and tried every ????diet?? out there that was promising you some sort of miracle. Somehow nothing ever worked to keep your fat off permanently and it just became a waste.

You may have thought by buying foods labeled as ????low fat??, ????low carb??, or ????sugar free?? you were going to see weight loss results. Unfortunately, you were just deceived by clever marketing tactics used by the multi-million dollar diet industry.

It??s not your fault. You and every other frustrated dieter has been lied to and deceived in the same way. Luckily for you, I am here to share with you the only way to finally end your battle with dieting and keep fat off your body forever.

If fewer calories, low fat, low carb, diet foods, supplements and weight loss pills don??t work?KWhat is the real answer to getting a lean, toned and sexy body?

I??m going to tell you exactly what works by telling you how I found these amazing answers for myself.

...But first, here are what the
professionals think about this approach:

The Diet Solution Program is Doctor Approved!
"Isabel has done an incredible job of compiling the vital nutrition information everyone must know. These are principles that I teach in my own practice to help patients lose weight and tackle their health issues. This is the starting point for anyone who wants to lose weight. The best and most important part is that the manual does not just give you a bunch of information, it actually coaches you through exactly what you need to do. Great work Isabel!"
Dr. Eric Serrano
Dr. Eric Serrano
Dr. Eric Serrano has been practicing medicine for over 12 years and is one of the leading sports nutrition doctors in the country.
Mike Geary, Author of The Truth About Abs

Mike Geary
Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Internationally Best-Selling Author: The Truth about Six Pack Abs
"Isabel's Diet Solution Program is the first nutrition program that I've found that I actually agree with 100%. Most "diet" authors are misinformed about certain aspects of nutrition, but in my opinion Isabel is one of the most knowledgeable in this field, which is so heavily crowded with conflicting information and gimmicks or fads.
She gives the honest facts you need to know about why soy is NOT a health food, the truth about "whole grains", why artificial sweeteners might be harming you, good dairy vs bad dairy, how to eat right for your specific body type, and much more startling information!
If you care about your health (and your loved ones) and about getting a lean fit body for life, this program is an absolute must read. But don't just read it... take action!"
????You could easily charge $500 or more for this type of information. All I can say is wow!??

Jamin Thompson
Jamin Thompson
Motivational Speaker
Fitness Model
Author - The 6 Pack Secret
"After reading Isabel's Diet Solution I was completely blown away. This is the most complete diet and nutrition program that I have found by far and Isabel is definitely one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field. Most diet and nutrition authors are terribly misinformed, and are still preaching about diet strategies that just don't work. With so many "experts" parading all over the internet posing as gurus it is difficult to navigate through all of the fads and gimmicks to see what really works and what is a lie.
Isabel does an awesome job dispelling many of the prevalent diet myths that are so common in our society today such as "eating a low carb, low fat, or low calorie diet" are the best ways lose weight. Not only does The Diet Solution explain what to do, it explains how to do it. The entire process is broken down step-by-step, and Isabel coaches you through it all, making it practically impossible for you to fail.
If you are serious about your health and want a better body, I encourage you to take action today and pick up a copy of The Diet Solution!"
Click Here To Read More Pro Opinions...
Like many of you, the 30 extra pounds I was carrying around was affecting every aspect of my life. I was self conscious and miserable and didn??t know where to begin. At the same time, my obese, diabetic mother??s health was deteriorating rapidly and I knew something had to change to save her from this downward spiral.

In my quest to find answers to mine and my mother??s weight loss struggles, I discovered a lot of diet schemes and gimmicks that completely failed or made me feel even worse. I was actually gaining weight instead of losing it. How could this be? I felt so defeated, as if I was never going to be able to lose the unwanted fat off my body. As if this wasn't bad enough, my mother??s weight continued to sky rocket and her diabetes was completely out of control.

I started to believe?K

????I??ll never be able to lose weight. I have the same horrible genetics as my mom and this is hopeless.??

????I??ve tried everything and nothing ever works?KI guess I will have to live in this fat body forever.??
My mom had similar thoughts:
????I am so far gone at this point. There is nothing that can help me now.??


????I??m just too old to start losing weight?Kand I don??t have the time in my busy schedule to dedicate time to any type of plan??
You know what? We both proved these beliefs were completely WRONG. So have over 10,000 people who have finally changed their mindset and their nutrition habits from the old habits that were proving no results to new ones that prove permanent results.

Stop doing what doesn??t work and start doing what DOES WORK!

If you have been trying the same weight loss and dieting strategies for years and it has not been burning the unwanted fat off your body, don??t you think you should try a completely different approach? Is it finally time to change your methods and your strategy?

If eating so called ????diet foods?? has NOT gotten you the results you want, why would eating more of these foods prove anything different? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I want you to stop the insanity Right Now!

Do you realize the time and money you have wasted on diet foods, diet pills and crazy weight loss schemes was really time you could have been dedicating to eating all the exact foods that will help you create an accelerated metabolism for maximum fat loss results. You literally have the ability to put your metabolism on Fat Burning Autopilot, but most people just don??t know how!

With these metabolism enhancing foods, your excess body fat starts to melt off quicker than you ever could have imagined. Yes, these weight loss methods may be new to you, but isn??t that the whole idea? Doing something so completely different this time and finally seeing the results you??ve been after?

Are YOU making these same mistakes?

Almost all non-successful dieters are following the same patterns over and over again and failing every time. I??ve already listed many of these above: worthless diet pills, shutting down your metabolism with crash diets, misinformed on so called diet foods and the results have been failure every time.

I had fallen (and maybe you too) into this same nasty cycle. I struggled endlessly with my weight for years because of these very mistakes. I would do what I "thought" was healthy but none of these methods ever gave me the lean and toned body I was looking for. I would lose some weight and then quickly gain it back. Or I would lose just a few pounds but my cellulite would not go away. Or I would lose weight but feel exhausted and fatigued all day long. The worst part was I just didn??t know what was right or wrong anymore.

This personal quest to lose weight and change my body led me to study nutrition and medical sciences in school. What I soon began to read and discover was 2 very different schools of thought when it came to nutrition theories. The new information I was now reading was teaching the exact opposite of what I had always thought was right when it came to diet and nutrition. Here I thought staying away from fat was good, protein shakes would help me lose weight and calorie counting was necessary. Boy was I wrong! These new concepts I read were truly the first information I discovered that made perfect and complete sense. I predicted using these new ideas would make a dramatic difference, so I decided to prove it on myself.

It was here that I finally began to uncover the real truth behind fat loss and almost everyone??s weight loss struggles. Everything changed immediately for me once I began this new revolutionary approach to my nutrition and eating plan, one that I had not tried before. Do you know what happened? I almost instantly saw the fat on my body melt away. The same fat I thought I was doomed to be with forever, quickly fell off, even after I had struggled for so many years! I started to use the very same methods in my own professional nutrition practice and have been able to help change the lives of thousands of people who were all just as confused as I was.

Start doing Something Different Today and Change Your Body Dramatically!

After finally changing my thinking and adopting a completely different way of eating, I discovered exactly what does work to achieve long term weight loss success. I found professional and real world people that had gotten the exact results I was looking for and studied their precise methods for achieving long term weight loss and vibrant health. Eight years later, I have been able to maintain my 30 pound weight loss and enjoy a vibrant, lean, toned and energetic body every single day.

Put your body on Fat Burning Mode Permanently

What I was able to soon figure out was that losing weight was actually very easy. It was just a matter of regulating just the right hormones to drive your body into fat burning mode. Once you are able to do that, your body will just continue to burn fat all day, every day.

Sound complicated? Well, it??s not, because I have done all the hard work for you. I have researched and discovered exactly which foods and which food combinations will cause FAT STORING and which foods will cause FAT BURNING.

Once you learn exactly how to get your hormones into this perfect balance, your weight loss is SIMPLE!

I know you realize a jelly donut will cause you to gain fat, but did you know that "so called" healthy cereals, whole wheat bread and orange juice are also causing you to GAIN WEIGHT? How about foods you thought were unhealthy such as the "right" kind of butter, the "right" type of "real" bacon and the "right" variety of bread? Did you know that these are the exact foods that put you and keep you in the FAT BURNING ZONE?

I know that may sound a bit unbelievable to you right now. I had those same doubts myself. How could bacon possibly cause fat burning? The truth is, the right kind of proteins, carbs, and fats in the right combinations will put you right into the FAT BURNING ZONE and keep you there. I couldn??t believe this myself until I finally uncovered the true culprit to everyone??s weight gain: SUGAR. That??s right. Every single food that puts your body into the weight gain zone either contains sugar or quickly turns into sugar. Think you have heard this all before? The foods I??m talking about are much more than just cakes, cookies and candy. What many people don??t realize is that most foods they think are healthy are actually foods that your body sees as sugar (many of these foods will totally surprise you). This is the missing piece to the fat loss puzzle that may be holding you back from finally losing your unwanted weight. Just this simple principle alone will make all the difference in the world when it comes to shedding unwanted fat off your body.

What have over 10,000 people done to successfully rid themselves of the Dieting Rollercoaster Forever?

They are all following a revolutionary new way to permanently burn fat and lose weight called The Diet Solution Program.

The Diet Solution Program
The Diet Solution Program is a foolproof, research proven, easy to follow approach to finally burn off your unwanted body fat and maintain your ideal weight for good. In my 15 years of non-stop study of nutrition and fat loss I??ve witnessed a lot of the same mistakes you may be making: following unhealthy diet schemes, wasting money on worthless supplements and following some pretty extreme plans. None of these crazy plans ever prove any long term results. The Diet Solution Program is the exact information I know and use to break thousands of people free of these crazy dieting tactics forever. This information will save you years of mistakes and hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in diet gimmicks and break the nasty dieting cycle once and for all.

With all the diet programs on the market today, why has no other diet given you this information?

The sad truth is this information is out there, people just don??t know where to find it. We have been bombarded by an overwhelming amount of bad dieting information, lost in a sea of diet gimmicks and diet fads that have buried all of the good information. What every ????diet?? is missing is the simple fact that each one of us is individual and we cannot all be expected to lose weight the exact same way. This is the most important principle you must know about your body: What type of body metabolism is specific to you and which foods are the exact foods YOU need to burn off fat. One simple test can give you all these answers. The cookie cutter, "one size fits all" approach will never prove long term results for you. You must cater to your body and your own specific metabolism in a personal way to achieve permanent fat loss.

The End to Dieting is Finally Here.

Real world results do not lie. The amazing fat loss results all my clients were getting was proof enough that I had finally found the answer to ridding your body of excess fat for good. Now, these exact answers can all be found right in The Diet Solution Program.

An Eye Opening Experience!

Tani Brown
Tani Brown
New York City, NY
"I always considered myself to be in decent shape, working out 5 days a week, but still had some weight I wanted to lose. This program really opened my eyes to the mistakes I was making in my eating and the results were amazing! I only really needed to lose 10 lbs., but the most amazing part was the 10.5 total inches I lost from my waist, hips and thighs. Even better, I saw quick results and finally "learned" how to eat. I never felt unsatisfied or hungry on the program. I am so grateful my best friend forwarded me Isabel??s website! Thanks Isabel! I am so happy I decided to do this program."
Losing 56 lbs. Completely Changed My Life!

Louis Clement
Louis Clement
"Not too long ago, I was given a grim diagnosis by my doctor ("We're unsure if you'll be with us 2 hours from now") and I knew my life had to change then and there. I decided to start living everyday like it was my last. I knew I had to lose weight but nothing had ever worked for me in the past. Thanks to Isabel's program and inspirations, I lost 56 pounds, and also stopped smoking in the process. My self esteem increased, my income increased, and I am now the happiest man in the world. On top of everything else I will be getting married next year to my beautiful girlfriend Svetlana! It's amazing what losing 56 pounds can do for your life."
40 lbs. Lighter And Diabetes Regulated!

Pilar De Los Rios - Before & After
Pilar De Los Rios
New Jersey
"The principles and meal plans my daughter teaches in the Diet Solution Program, literally saved my life. I was able to control my once ????out of control?? diabetes and lose 40 lbs. in less than a year. Best of all, my doctor was able to take me off of my cholesterol and high blood pressure medications because both numbers came down as a result of my weight loss and food choices."
Your Voice Has Been Incredible!

Samantha Garcia
Samantha Garcia
"Thank you for writing your very informative, insightful, and tremendously helpful book. It's funny how truly little we start off knowing about taking care of our bodies, having a lean physique, and a strong, healthy heart & mind. It's no wonder, in the past, I have never been able to achieve real results. I knew nothing about nutrition, and I never thought about eating healthy to lose weight.
Your work has transformed the way I feel and think about foods and my relationship to living a healthy lifestyle.
I am so thankful to have found you. You're an amazing role model! You change the lives of people everyday. I hope you continue doing the work you do. After listening to your videos, blog, work, and emails I realize the amount of misinformation that is in the world. Your voice has been incredibly helpful, positive, and reassuring that I can achieve my ideal weight.

All the best. May blessings fill your life, and the life of your loved ones, endlessly."

I know what it feels like to ride the constant ????Diet?? rollercoaster. It doesn??t just affect the number on the scale. It affects every area of your life. I know because I??ve been there.

When I was 30 pounds overweight, constipated and bloated, and completely overridden by acne, life was unhappy and miserable. I never wanted to go clothes shopping because I just couldn??t stand how I looked in the dressing room mirror, let alone outside. My skin affected how I communicated with people (never looking them in the eye) and my constant stomach pains and lack of energy left me missing out on fun social events and just not wanting to do anything at all. Now, I am unstoppable everyday. I wake up each day feeling great and full of energy (and that??s with no alarm clock). I no longer wonder whether the food I??m eating is going to make me feel lousy or drag me down, I know better. The food I choose to eat is not only delicious, it keeps me at my ideal weight and feeling vibrant and healthy every day. I walk around, standing tall and feeling confident about how I look and how I feel. I am now living at my BEST SELF!

"Oh yeah, Isabel, you probably eat bird seed all day."
Not even close. I eat delicious food in healthy, hearty portions. Actually, people ask me all the time, "Isabel, how do you eat so much and stay so lean?". Because I know exactly which foods help to keep me lean and feeling great?Kand just as important which foods cause almost instant weight gain.

Imagine how great it will be when...
  1. You are no longer confused and frustrated about your weight
  2. You no longer feel self-conscious about how you look
  3. You are living with bounds of energy and vigor which will allow you to accomplish more each and every day

Here is what a few other readers
are saying about this life changing program...

Being a Picky Eater is No Problem!

Sh?rri Gambrill
Sh?rri Gambrill
Pittsburgh, PA
"Isabel, I am doing so GREAT and I am SO EXCITED about this plan and how well I am progressing. In just the first 3 weeks I've lost 9 lbs. You really put together a winner for me. I've tried lots of diet plans, but nothing like yours. Not only is it good, I'm a very, very, picky eater to start and I found all the foods were foods I like. It's always been difficult for me to put the right foods together and not feel hungry. Now, I'm happy to say I'm learning how to do that and I just can't thank you enough!!"
From Always Winded To Huge Strides

"I have been using your diet plan for just 4 weeks and have gone from 254 lbs. since starting your program to 212.4 lbs now. My doctor says she wants me to get down to 160 or 165 lbs. I told her I didn't remember the last time I was that small, but I'm on my way. I have been taking 1 cheat day a week, when I will eat anything I want. (within reason of course). My energy level has gone right through the roof. At work in the Maintenance dept. at Wal*Mart I have been told that I work circles around other guys in the store. Before your program I could not walk 100 feet without getting winded. Now I can't sit still. My steps have gone from real slow small ones to really stretching it out. I feel GREAT!"

Thanks for the support & God Bless,
John Thomas
Taking Control Is Truly Amazing

"Thank you so much for finally helping me find a way of eating I can live with! I knew there was something out there and I have tried everything from Atkins, to South Beach, Lindora Lean for Life, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jennie Craig, Jillian Michaels to LA Weightloss...you name it....I've tried it. Nothing has given me the dramatic results of your program in just 3 days. For the first time in my life I am not ruled by thoughts of food. I eat, and I am satisfied for far longer than I have ever been, and it was all because my ratios were off. I've eaten all the suggested foods before, but never in the quantities recommended and I have never felt in control. I have anally tracked my food intake for years trying to find a way of eating that I could easily maintain and live with....lol...I could tell you what I had for dinner on any given day last year. I knew that 1500 calories was the magic number that would allow me to lose weight, but I could NEVER eat that few calories without being constantly bombarded by feelings of hunger and horrible cravings. My average intake has been 1800-2000 calories and I have maintained the same weight for 12 years. With your program I easily consume 1400-1500 calories without hunger or cravings. That has never happened before. I'm finally on my way to losing the 10-20lbs I have been fighting all my life. Thank you for giving me a sense of control. It is truly amazing."

Linda White
From overweight and exhausted to slim and energetic

Sandra Bunting
Sandra Bunting
New Jersey
"Not only did I lose weight on the Diet Solution Program, I gained an incredible amount of energy. I love the changes I see in my body and, of course, love the reactions I get from my friends and family when they see me. No other weight loss plan has given my body more definition and curves, losing weight from all the right places. These meal plans were so realistic for me and easy for me to follow. Thank you Isabel for giving me the tools to feel so great!"

How is This Program any Different From All of the Other
Hyped-Up Diet Programs Out There Today?
I know what you??re thinking. ????Isabel, I??ve tried EVERYTHING and seen EVERYTHING and nothing ever seems to work. How do I know your program is any different than all the other programs out there that make me a long list of empty promises???
Let me give you the straight facts and get right to the point. Once you start implementing the simple principles I am about to give you, your excess fat and weight will be gone once and for all. Imagine no longer having to worry about not fitting into your clothes, and enjoying your new slender and fit body. Can you imagine the compliments you??ll get when you finally achieve your dream body?

Here??s what makes the Diet Solution Program
completely different:
  1. This program is all about eating delicious food in hearty portions to lose your unwanted fat. It is NOT another starvation diet.Click Here To Read More...
  2. This program will tell you exactly how much to eat WITHOUT ever counting a single calorie every again. Click Here To Read More...
  3. This program shows you exactly how to benefit from the natural ????fat burning?? effects of real foods. It is NOT about taking supplements or ????fat burning?? pills. As a matter of fact, most foods have the ability to burn fat off your body much more effectively than any supplement or pill ever can.Click Here To Read More...
  4. This program teaches you how to eat REAL, delicious food, not Diet food to keep your unwanted fat off forever. Say goodbye to egg whites, dry chicken breasts and steamed broccoli. All foods included in this program, the foods required for you to permanently burn fat off your body are the complete opposite of what you have been taught before. This list will absolutely shock you. Click Here To Read More...
  5. This program does not require any "special", "hard to find" foods to work successfully. There are no bars, shakes, ????fake?? food or diet gimmicks to buy.Click Here To Read More...

The Amount of Powerful Information you will discover is endless. Here??s just a few more of the extraordinary secrets you will discover in this program.....
  1. Getting your metabolism on fat burning overdrive
    You??re probably having such a hard time losing weight and keeping it off because you don??t know how to get your metabolism on high fat burning mode. If most people just did this one thing, permanent weight loss would be simple and the endless battle with dieting would finally be over!
  2. You should only eat food you like
    Who can stick to a plan when the food tastes bad? I don??t know about you but I love steak. I love whole eggs (not egg whites) and I love salt and butter on my food and I don??t want to give any of these things up. I promise you don??t have to. Most people don??t know how great these foods are for you and how they can be part of a plan that helps you lose weight and achieve optimum health.
  3. Break your unhealthy obsession with food.
    Do you know why you obsess about food all day? Because you are starving and you feel deprived. If you??re like most people, you just don??t know what??s right or wrong anymore. All of this causes a lot of confusion, misery and an unhealthy obsession with food.
  4. Stop feeling hungry all the time.
    If you??re walking around hungry then you're doing something really wrong. Chances are you are eating the wrong foods and eating the wrong combination of food. How can you concentrate on all of the other important things you have going on in your life if you are literally starving all day? You can??t. One of the first principles of the Diet Solution Program is you have to eat in order to lose weight.
Here are all the priceless secrets you will discover
in The Diet Solution Program to achieve your
own remarkable fat loss results:
  • The #1 "so called" health food that is causing everyone to gain weight [On Page: 41] Many people are eating this food thinking it is good for them only to find out that it is one of the biggest reasons they have not been able to lose weight.
  • The exact ????fat storing ingredients?? that are causing your body to hold on to fat and make weight loss impossible. These ingredients are disguised in many foods you may think are good for you. Learn exactly what they are and how to easily stay away from them. [On Page: 58]
  • How you can eat delicious food all the time while maintaining your new fat burning metabolism [On Page: 66]
  • How to manipulate your hormones so they completely STOP storing fat and permanently start burning fat [On Page: 11]
  • The specific process I use to determine your personal metabolism all in a few easy steps. This will reveal the precise foods and the exact plan that will burn fat off your specific body type. (No nutrition program can begin without this) [On Page: 131]
  • Should you really be spending your hard earned money on organic food? [On Page: 28]
  • Why you shouldn??t buy another dairy product until you know this [On Page: 37]
  • How to burn off large amounts of unwanted fat only using the foods in your refrigerator and cabinets. NO supplements, pills, or shakes necessary. [On Page: 26]
  • Why many main stream diets are completely disrupting your metabolism and actually making you fatter in the long run. [On Page: 16]
  • The exact fat burning foods you must use while cooking. This alone can accelerate your fat burning metabolism in just minutes. [On Page 36]
  • All that PLUS I will give you?K

  • A variety of ready to use, delicious meal plans that tell you exactly what to eat to burn off unlimited amounts of fat. No more guessing games. I will tell you exactly which meals to eat at exactly which times, making it as easy as possible for you to follow and see your fat loss results right away.
  • A complete and detailed shopping list of the foods you will need to start your meal plans right away. These are all foods that can be easily found at your local supermarket or grocery store. You may be shocked to find all these foods are probably already right in your refrigerator. If not, I will tell you exactly where to find them.
  • Your specific serving sizes already calculated for you. I know you are busy, which is why I have done all the hard work for you. I will give you the specific portions for all your meals based on your personal goals.
  • The exact steps to take to implement every bit of information I give you to burn fat. I won??t just tell you what to do, I will tell you exactly how you can easily implement those principles into your already busy life.

Order now through our secure server and you can instantly download the printable PDF format E-book package for just $39.97 and start reading. Instead of waiting for your book in the mail, you can download this e-book package immediately and get started on your new body in just minutes from now!

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To make this an absolutely fantastic deal for you, I have negotiated with some of best, world renowned professionals in this industry, to offer some of their incredible products to be included as bonuses with this package. Not only that, but I've added in a few others for you to use as tools to make your fat loss success even easier.

The Diet Solution Program Manual
Mike Geary - Insider Secrets for the Ultimate Fat Burning Workout
Normally Costs:
Holly Rigsby - Fit Yummy Mummy Fit Fast 4 Week Workout
Normally Costs:
Craig Ballantyne - Turbulence Training for Abs
Normally Costs:
Shane Ellison - Hidden Truth About Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
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The Diet Solution Program Quick Start Guide
Normally Costs:
The Diet Solution Recipe Guide
Normally Costs:

That's Not All...

You Have My Guarantee that you will finally see
at least 15% of your unwanted fat
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I??m not here to tell you a made up story?K like so many scams on the Internet today. I??m only here to tell you the truth.

The powerful principles you'll find out in the Diet Solution Program will cause you to lose a significant amount of body fat off your body in 60 days or less. That I can guarantee!

If you don??t start today, when will you start? Next week, next month?KSTOP PROCRASTINATING! If you don??t do something now about your unwanted weight, when will you finally go for it?

I am giving you all of the right tools. Now all you need to do is take ACTION.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying these foolproof methods (except for tons of fat). I am so sure you will see such phenomenal results with this program, I decided to offer you a 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you don??t successfully lose your unwanted weight in 60 days.

You have over 8 whole weeks to review the program, implement its life changing principles and see the fat fall off your body for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied in any way, your money will be immediately refunded. No questions asked!

The Diet Solution Guarantee
You may be wondering why on earth I'm willing to offer a money back guarantee. Well, basically I am assuming that you are a trustworthy individual that would not try to take advantage of me unless you were legitimately dissatisfied. However, I am so confident in the Diet Solution Program that I know you'll be satisfied once you see your unwanted weight literally melting off your body.

That's my promise to you! I'm genuinely invested in helping you achieve your health goals and improving your quality of life forever. Just look at how the Diet Solution Program has already changed so many people's lives, and it can change yours too.

Summary of Entire Program If You Order Today:
The Diet Solution Program Manual Normally Costs: $79.99
Bonus #1
Insider Secrets for the Ultimate Fat Burning Workout
Normally Costs: $24.99
Bonus #2
Fit Yummy Mummy Fit Fast 4 Week Workout
Normally Costs: $19.99
Bonus #3
Turbulence Training Amazing Abs
Normally Costs: $19.99
Bonus #4
The Hidden Truth About Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
Normally Costs: $19.99
Bonus #5
The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide
Normally Costs: $25.99
Bonus #6
The Diet Solution Recipes
Normally Costs: $19.99
Total Package Value: $209.93

Yes, I could charge $209.93 for the whole program but that would limit the number of people who could benefit from this priceless information. I wanted to make this program affordable for every single person who is struggling with their weight and their health.
For that reason, I'm offering this entire package, The Diet Solution Program Manual ebook, in addition to the 6 bonuses valued at $129.94, for only $39.97. This is a 1-Time payment only... you will never be billed again.

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You don't have to pay now to start
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I want you to know that I'm willing to put myself behind these principles so strongly that I'll let you

Try It, See Results For Yourself, and Then Decide

I understand you have doubts because you've felt mislead and even fooled in the past with other programs that made freakish promises. Everything I've told you is based on my own personal experience now with thousands of clients just like you. This SOLUTION will give you the lean look, health and vitality you've always desired. Therefore, I've put together a super easy 21-day Trial-Program for you. Here's how simple it is...
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  4. As long as you don't decide to cancel within 21 days, which is as easy as emailing us within the 21 day trial period, the remaining $35.00 investment towards your health and your renewed body will be billed to you 21 days from today (the initial cost of $4.95 counts towards the normal price). You will NEVER be billed again after that.

    In addition, the 60-day Money-Back Guarantee still covers you if you decide at any time that the Diet Solution Program is not right for you... However, I know it WILL work just as it has for thousands of my clients.

Please Note: This is a downloadable e-book program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.
Clicking the order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a download page to download the e-book program as well as the free bonuses. If you have a high speed internet connection, the downloads usually take less than a minute. The e-book download and free bonuses will be in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if you don't currently have it, a free download is available once you're on the download page.
If you're still unsure if "The Diet Solution Program Manual" package is right for you or have any question, please visit the FAQ page. If you can't find the answer to your question there, please feel free to visit the Contact Support page, and my team will help you out as best as we can.
Get ready to start living life at a level you never knew was possible for you!
In health and happiness,

Isabel De Los Rios
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Exercise Specialist
Author of The Diet Solution Program
Owner ?V New Body ?V Center for Fitness and Nutrition
P.S. Don't delay any longer in developing the body and achieving the health of your dreams! People that keep putting off their goals rarely ever get around to pursuing them. Stop the excuses right now and arm yourself with the knowledge TODAY to get the body you??ve been wanting for so long.
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