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Welcome and thank you for visiting the website.

The Federal Government and Private Grant Foundations issue billions of dollars in grant money to a variety of groups each year. Grants are awarded to individuals each and every day from all walks of life, with large and very small bank accounts, for an ever-increasing array of purposes.

Grant programs are not Loans. You decide how much you need. As long as the amount is lawful and you meet the Foundations and Government Agencies Requirements, the money is yours to keep and never needs to be repaid. This grant money is non-taxable and interest-free!

Grant programs don't require a credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, you can apply even if you have a declared bankruptcy or have bad credit. You as a tax payer and U.S. citizen are entitled to apply for this money.

Why is Grant Money Available?

Private Foundations

Private Foundations are usually formed by wealthy corporations, thrusts and individuals to benefit individuals and small business using FREE GRANT money.

These organizations are required to distribute 5% of their total assets each year to maintain tax exempt status. Each foundation targets certain segments of the population with specific needs, sometimes in certain geographical areas. Some grant money to businesses, others grant money to individuals like you and me to cover the costs of everyday living expenses. There is an extensive list of private grant foundation in the American Grant Provider Directory and we connect you to databases and resources where you can find thousands more. You can begin accessing these foundations online today via the directory!

Federal Programs

Every year, the US Government distributes billions of dollars to businesses and individuals.

Politicians understand small business is fast becoming the lifeline of the American Economy and will employ millions of people in the future. A vibrant small business sector means a vibrant tax base. The federal government will distribute grants to average people to help them start their business. The federal government also distributes grant money to men, women and children to help them attend college and to help with everyday living expenses and unforeseen expenses such as medical expenses. The UncleSamsMoney Grant Directory categorizes all these programs for you. Simply choose any applicable category and link directly to the grant making agency.

State Programs

Every state is a major source of financial aid assistance to small business and education programs. Each state has a vested interest in promoting small business and educating their residents. More small business results in increased tax revenue. Educated residents attract businesses.

The UncleSamsMoney grant directory connects you directly to your states grant making agencies.

What types of Grants are available, I hear you say? ...

Personal Need Grants!

Grants to assist with the purchase of a home new home for low income families, repair your home, rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, purchase a new car, groceries, childcare, fuel, general living expenses, academic tutoring, clothing, school supplies, housing assistance, legal services, summer camp, debts, music lessons, art lessons, any extracurricular activities, pay bills for senior citizens, real estate taxes, medical expenses and general welfare. If you or someone you know suffered a fire lose there are programs available to help in replacing necessities.

Each Year, millions of people receive FREE grants for a wide variety of personal needs.

Business Grants!

If you are thinking of starting or expanding a business, this is the category for you. Did you know Ross Perot started his first company with FREE Government Grant money? Or that, Ameritrade and Ritz Camera all received money to start or expand their businesses?

The U.S. Government understands small business is essential to a vibrant economy. Small business grants are available to start a new business or expand an existing one, equipment financing, acquisition of a new or existing business, rent, salaries, office expenses, overhead.

There are also many programs available to help women start and operate their own businesses. Remember, this is free money that never has to be repaid. You can also use this money to pay yourself a salary as you start your new business.

The Government also gives Low Interest Loans, NO interest loans loan guarantees, free management consulting help, free help to prepare a business plan, free help with your invention, free marketing help, free legal help, free technical help and even free tax help.

Each Year, over one million people receive FREE grants to start a new business or expand an existing one.

Educational Grants!

Grant Money for preschool children and nursery school education, private, primary and secondary schools, men and women to further their education, scholarships for athlete?s, business management, engineering, computer science, medical school, undergraduate, and pursue your business ventures or secure your personal financial situation.

You will find many foundations and federal/state agencies offering assistance for educational needs in the UncleSamsMoney grant directory.

Each Year, over six million people receive FREE grants attend college.

Did you know you can apply for as many grants as you want?
It's true, For instance, you could get a $65,000 grant to begin a weight loss business, get $8,800 in tuition to become a nurse or $100,000 to open up the day-care center, you've always dreamed of owning. And then, go out and apply for a grant to buy a home for you and your family. And once your new business starts doing well you could go out and get another grant for expansion of your business. The possibilities are endless.

The best part is you never, never have to pay it back -- NO Interest, NON-Taxable, NO Co-Signers, NO Security Checks!

Grants generally range from $500.00 to $500,000, but there's been cases where grants have been awarded up to $5,000,000.00.!

What types of programs are available ......

There are more than 25,000 Governmental and Private Foundation Grant Programs available in the U.S. Today. Why haven't you heard about these programs? Because the U.S. Government and Private Foundations DON'T ADVERTISE these programs.

s The amount of money distributed every year averages $4,000 per family. Many programs are available to families making $50,000 or more a year! Some have no income requirements at all! The following represent a small sampling of the programs available....
Up to $500,000 to Start a New Business
Up to $100,000 to Start a Daycare
Up to $15,000 to Pay for Daycare
Up to $35,000 to Study Overseas
Up to $15,000 for a Home Downpayment
Up to $7,000 to fix up your Home
Up to $10,000 to find a Better Job
Up to $5,000 to Write a Proposal
....and much, much more!

Note: Depending on the requirements of the program, you may or may not qualify for the programs listed.

The Online UncleSamsMoney Grant Directory will provide you with ......

Grant Writing Tutorial and "Winning Grant Strategies" eBook - Writing Grant requests and knowing the techniques and tactics to successfully obtain grants, is one of the most important parts of the grant seeking process.

Access to Thousands of Federal Government Programs. Our "QuickLinks" will link you directly to the Federal grant program of your choice.

Access to Thousands of Private Foundation Programs. Our "QuickLinks" will link you directly to the Private Foundation grant program of your choice.

Access to Thousands of State Government Programs. Again, our "QuickLinks" will link you directly to the Federal grant program of your choice.


Access to Education Grant Resources throughout the United States and abroad.

Access to Thousands of government grant programs providing assistance for home buying and ownership, home repair, small businesses, home improvement, land purchase, site preparation for housing, health, assistance and services for the unemployed, job training, federal employment, education, and much, much more.

Access to Government Business Resources for Grant Funding and Small Business Advice.

The names, addresses and phone numbers for grant specialists in your state. These professionals will direct you through each step of the grant writing process.

A generic application form that can be used for Federal/State governments and Private Foundation programs.

What qualifies us to give grant advice and resources?

The UncleSamsMoney grant directory has helped Many individuals just like you. Over time we have consistently refined our techniques and made our guides easier to follow and easy to understand. We have spent literally 1,000's of research hours locating the databases, directories and resources that you will have access to.

We are so confident that our guides and resources will help you locate all eligible grants that we are offering a 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee (see below for more details). Its that simple! You have nothing to lose!

To view some of the testimonials we have received from individuals just like you, please click Here!

A word of caution regarding our competitors....

Some of our competitors are charging as much as $120 for the same information contained within the online UncleSamsMoney grant directory. Some will lead you to believe that you can obtain a grant by simply calling up and requesting one! Others will actually guarantee that you will receive a fixed (and significant) amount of grant money. We advice you to read these claims with caution.

But WAIT! There is so much more!

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Just imagine buying homes for pennies on the dollar and establishing instant equity when you purchase for your own use, or "flip" the properties for Huge profits.

Our "No Money Down" guide** will teach you how to acquire any home with no cash out of pocket. These new revolutionary techniques can be used to purchase all types of homes including Foreclosures. You can buy your dream home with no money down or buy Foreclosures with no money down and flip them for huge profits.

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 Bonus # 1

The "Ultimate Guide to Government Grants" eBook

This 600 page guide is jam packed with information on many special grants programs such as...

      • Up to $500,000 from venture capital companies for your new business.
      • Up to $400,000 to improve Energy Efficiency.
      • Up to $700,000 if your job has been impacted by Imports.
      • Up to $200,000 to "move" your existing business.
      • Up to $50,000 for your new invention.
      • Up to $25,000 to upgrade your skills as an Employee.
      • Up to $20,000 to Learn New Technology.
      • Up to $10,000 for each new Job created.
      • Up to $10,000 for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
      • Up to $5,000 to go Overseas.
      • Up to $5,000 to convert your vehicle from gas to an alternate fuel.
        .....and much, much more!

This guide will show you how to develop and prepare your grant proposal and the dynamic links in the eBook will allow you to connect to all funding sources as long as you have an internet connection.

 Bonus # 2

Successful Grant Seeker Strategies eBook

The authors of this eBook have secured over $800,000 in FREE grants for individuals and businesses and have put their most successful grant seeker strategies in this guide.

Learn how to properly format your application with eye-catching text, file your applications directly with the decision makers, know what content to provide to provide to dramatically increase your chances of obtaining a grant and much, much more. If you are serious about obtaining grant money for personal or business need, you must have this guide.

This guide is exclusive to and will not be found on any other website!

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A Fully Featured Grants Writing Tutorial Software Package

The grant writing process is extremely important to your success in securing a grant. Many people fail because they don't invest the time to acquire the knowledge to write a successful grant proposal.

This interactive software tool is by far the best available today and will take you through every step of the grant writing process.

Some of the information include in this software package include....

      • Details on the most successful grant writing strategies
      • How to complete a grant application proposal
      • Winning Grant Proposal Examples
      • Grant Term Glossary
      • Grant resources and contacts
      • Grant Proposal Training Activities ...and much, much more!

If you are serious about securing a grant, you must have this software!

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Amazing Don Lapre Info Reports

      • This amazing ebook will show you..........
      • 30 Ways to Make Money on the Weekends
      • How to make Money Giving Away FREE Internet Access
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      • How to Buy a House Without Qualifying
      • How to Save up to $100,000 on Your Mortgage Payments
      • How to Make Money on the Internet
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The "Make Money with Government Auctions" Software Package

    Learn how to but merchandise for pennies on the dollar and resell for huge profits. Our software package will allow you to interface directly with all Government Auctions, Liquidations, Foreclosures, Lien sales, Estate sales, Bulk lot sales, and more. What kind of property will you find at these auctions?.....

      • Real Estate
      • Vehicles
      • Electronics
      • Art
      • Boats
      • Equipment
      • Wearing Apparel

      • Jewelry
      • Antiques
      • Aircraft
      • Collectibles
      • Commercial Property
      • Supplies
      • and much, much more!

    ...all for pennies on the dollar. This Program gives you point-and-click access to over 40 Federal Government auction sites plus over 75 additional sites at the State and Local levels that include surplus and unclaimed property. This package is normally valued at $35. But if you order "The Ultimate Guide to Government Grants" today it will be included FREE with your purchase.

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    The "Cashflow Reporter" Software Package

    This Great Software Package contains hundreds of reports that show you how to make and save significant amounts of money. Here are a few report titles...

    • How to buy a Car for $50 over cost.
    • Wipe out debts without bankruptcy.
    • How to raise up to $200,000 in 24 hours.
    • How to get an $800 loan by mail.
    • Where to buy land for $100 an acre.
    • Stop Paying Real Estate Taxes. ...and much, much more.

    The "Cashflow Reporter" Software Package is jam packed with reports that will show you how to save and make money!

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    The Wholesale Sources eBook

    This is the most useful Wholesale Source Guide ever put together... Save up to 90% on over 1,000,000 top quality brand-name products. You will have access to thousands of wholesale sources internationally where you can find Computers, Jewelry, Electronics, Household Goods, Sporting Goods, Clothing, etc.

    Get low wholesale prices directly from Wholesalers, Distributors, Vendors, and Liquidators. Eliminate the middleman!

    This guide is perfect for New Homeowners who want to purchase furniture, home furnishings, etc. for themselves at wholesale prices.

     Bonus # 8

    "Unclaimed Assets" Directory and Search Engine

    Do you know Albert Bolin of Chicago Illinois? Formerly lived on North Cicero Avenue? Mr. Bolin is due $192,159.72 from an unclaimed bank account. Do you know Rafael Antonio Vilarri of Florida? Mr. Vilarri is due $180,703.66. State Governments are holding $300 Billion in unclaimed funds - some may belong to you! States may hold money from Pre Escheat accounts, Deposit boxes, Insurance benefits, Lost Inheritances, HUD Refunds , Death benefits, Inheritances, Utility deposits, Tax returns, Stocks & Bonds, Personal Items, Paychecks, Uncashed checks, Gift certificates, Money orders, Bank accounts. Our search engine and directory will tell you if any state owes you money. Who knows - you may have a small fortune waiting for you.

    No, we haven't finished yet! We will also give away 15 additional bonuses. These are ebooks/software that everybody needs and everybody can benefit from. Why can't I tell you what they are? Because they change on a regular basis and as an extra benefit for purchasing today, you will have access to ALL the new ebooks, downloads and software we post on our download site.

    The value of these ebooks/software can range anywhere in value from $39 to $150 depending on the items posted at any given time. As always, these items (and any new items posted as long as we remain in business) are yours FREE with your purchase.

    Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

    We are so confident that our guides and resources will help you locate all eligible grants that we are offering a 8 Week, 100% Guarantee. If you don't locate any eligible grants, simply email us and we will expeditiously refund your money.
    Its that simple! You have nothing to lose!

    Access to the UncleSamsMoney grant directory usually costs $79.95. But if you order before midnight you will get unlimited access to all the UncleSamsMoney services, databases, downloads, ebooks and more all for only $39.95

    This is a one-time charge!

    We accept Credit Cards, eChecks and Paypal

    You will receive instant access to our online Government Grants databases and directory.

    For a very limited time, you will also get the downloadable, 600 page "Ultimate Guide to Government grants" FREE of charge.

    Don't wait 3 - 4 Weeks for a high priced grant book with half the resources.
    Access our Grant resources online, NOW!

    By purchasing access to our UncleSamsMoney grant directory, you agree to our terms and conditions. Please click HERE to view terms and conditions.

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    **We claim no authorship to the bonus material nor is ownership implied. We own resale and redistribution rights for this material and accept no responsibility for the material contained in the bonus items or for any of the claims made. The material is supplied as is.

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